Calvin Hollywood
Katrin Eismann

"I have seen hundrets of Photoshop presentations and the great majority show the same over-used techniques with boring pictures and very bad jokes. In contrast, Calvin Hollywood is a refreshing, generous, and talented teacher…and funny too! Consider me a Calvin convert from now on!"

Katrin Eismann "Photoshop Diva"

Russell Brown

"News Flash! Photoshop goes Hollywood! Or should i say Calvin Hollywood. I recently came across Calvin´s work and i was totally blown away. Not only is he a great photographer, but he knows tips and techniques about Photoshop that are almost magical. If you´re a Photoshop user, then you should stop everything and take a look at some of his tutorials. Trust me on this one…."

Russell Brown, Sr.Creative Director Adobe Systems Inc

Scott Kelby

"Part of my job, as Editor of Photoshop User magazine, and president of the world´s largest Photoshop trade association, is to seek out the very best Photoshop instructors in the world today. While there are a lot of people out there who are incedible at Photoshop, very few can teach Photoshop on a world class level. Calvin Hollywood is one of those rare few. He´s taking Photoshop to new places, and introducing new techniques, and new ways of doing things that nobody out there is doing but Calvin. He is truly amazing!"

Scott Kelby, Editor & Publisher, Photoshop User Magazine

The best and most amazing creative events in which you can meet the best professionals in digital imaging industry ever by person and talk to them discovering what you always wanted to know!

Some of our past speakers @CreativeProShow:

Tomas Muller - Digital Artist e Matte Painter for the movie 2012
Wieger Poutsma - Retoucher of Erwin Olaf and digital Artist for Audi, Nike, ect.
Max Kostenko - Digital Illustrator

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In this workshop calvin hollywood will explain his best retouching techniques. Signature retouching techniques what makes his style popular.
He teach the students a "best of" in beauty retouching, color manipulations, looks, and much more.

Dont miss this workshop if you like to increase your photoshop level.
This workshop is not for a photoshop beginner. But you dont have to be a expert. get calvinized!

Learn now, from one of the leading digital artist the best skin retouching techniques in advertising and fashion industry.

Get professional techniques to obtain contrasts and details on the edge of realism with no loss of quality!

Unparalleled special effects and photo manipulation at the top of the advertising and fashion industry.

Combine two or more images and create perfect photo montages in a professional style.

Tecniche dirette, professionali e pratiche per scontornare perfettamente anche i soggetti più complessi.

Learn immediately how to apply to your images spectacular looks and the trendiest effects.

Learn the correct workflow to optimize your time, produce more and work effectively.

Discover hidden capacities, creating realistic special effects on the edge of fantasy.

Learn how to give to an image an advertising look in a professional way.

As always, Calvin Hollywood will amaze us with something exclusive and typical of all his fantastic workshop!

Calvin Hollywood

Calvin Hollywood

World-renowned photographer and retoucher

In the German Photoshop scene, many people have emerged in recent years. Many of them have fundamentals of traditional graphics, photography or certification. This abilities are then usually strengthened by experience gained by working in advertising agencies and other experiences. For many people this seems to be the only way to climb to the top and enter the professional field of digital post-production using Photoshop. But there are other ways.

For about four years up to now, a new name appeared on the world scene of digital retouching - Calvin Hollywood. He belongs to the gang of young savages who do not hide, fearlessly show off their skills and confidently look forward rather than backwards. With his totally unconventional style, Calvin has achieved an incredible knowledge of Photoshop.

Calvin is a self-made man. He is not jealous of his knowledge. Learning from Calvin means having the keys to the future and learn serious and professional techniques, concretely and immediately.

For who is the workshop and necessary requirements

The workshop photo editing and digital manipulation is for those photographers and digital artists of intermediate or advanced level, who want to bring their technical level to a much higher level and differentiate themselves from acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge that allow to improve the carrier of a professional.
The workshop requires a general knowledge of Photoshop and basic computer. Some commands, such as the creation of levels and the use of masks will be taken for granted not to slow down the learning process and focus on advanced techniques that deserve close attention. To participate at the workshop, you must bring your own laptop computer with an installed copy of Photoshop. A Wacom tablet is welcome, but not essential.

Exercise and practice in classroom

This exceptional workshop is reserved for only 15/20 participants to ensure an approach a closer approach and to create a situation of complete hands-on learning, establishing a direct relationship with the speaker.

What guarantees a high quality workshop?

Calvin Hollywood is one of the most acclaimed Photoshop professionals and instructors. Calvin holds exclusive seminars and workshops internationally and was acclaimed by names such as Katrin Eismann, Scott Kelby and Russell Brown. Learning directly from Calvin is a high level training warranty, reserved for few lucky. For the first time in Italy.

Details, schedules and registration fee

The workshop is restricted to a maximum of 15/20 participants
The course will be translated into Italian by an interpreter. The English that in case will be used, is truly accessible to all.

Participation fee before January 2th: 350 euros
After Jan.3th: 510 euros

The workshop will be held at the fabulous and easily accessible location of Officine Fotografiche

Via di Libetta 1 - Rome
Workshop Date: March 3th, 2012
Start: ore 10.00 am
End: ore 05.00 pm

One hour break for lunch between 13 and 14.00 (not included in registration fee) and coffee breaks offered by the organization.

How to arrive

From Rome: Metro B, station Garbatella (100mt by feet)
From airport Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino: Metropolitan train, station Ostiense (1km)
From Termini train station: Metro B, station Garbatella (100mt by feet)
Pick-up If you need a pick up just let us know and we provide more details.

Katrin Eismann

"For me, creativity and graphics are not just a way of expression but a state of mind. At the CreativeProShow I found that state of mind and I felt myself like a kid in a toy store with free toys!"

Roberta Amato - Freelance

"The CreativeProShow, born from the genius and visionary mind of Martin Benes, was the highest point from which to start in my experience in the advertising world. The possibility to share the workflow of the greatest professionals, have made the event unique, and has exponentially increased a new vision of creativity."

Gianfranco Gallo - Freelance

"This experience will have a very important component of my professional growth. I cannot thank you enough for the contribute you gave to my training."

Antonio Russo - Freelance

"The CPS has been an endless source of inspiration. Although I have a good Photoshop knowledge and already work at a good level, I was surprised by the energy and the techniques that I had the possibility and was able to learn during the day courses. A real case from which assimilate the experience of the best professionals. It is pleasantly surprising to remain astonished by the wonderful skill of the speakers. Learn their business workflow is a true priceless experience."

Alessandro Rabboni - Photographer